Upon arrival, children will be marked off on the roll. They can eat their afternoon tea snack, listen to music as they arrive from 3pm. Class starts at 3.30pm.

We do a check-in to see how everyone is travelling and we can gauge the energy levels of the individuals and the group. We encourage eye contact and articulation of thoughts here. With time the group learns these skills from each other. Sometimes we use stimulants such as imagery or music. After this, we move on to body and voice warmups to connect to our senses and mobility, exploring new movements and body awareness. Theatre games are designed to ensure playfulness and inclusivity as the group builds trust. Failure is celebrated as it opens the space for learning and encourages vulnerability in a supportive environment.

We move on to improvisation, character work, script work, writing, script analysis, ensemble work and monologues. Creating from the actor’s unique stories is encouraged.

We close with a check-out in circle and encourage each other to find something positive about the experience that we have shared and any things that challenge them or that they are afraid of.

The Studio is open 3pm until 5.30pm. Classes run 3.30 – 5pm.  Kids are welcome to come anytime after 3pm and chill after class, reading, sharing or listening to music until 5.30pm.

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