drama classes for kids and teens

Our Brisbane based kids drama program includes games to encourage playfulness and pleasure performing in front of others.

Performance exercises explore what it is to be present and collaborate with other performers.


  • Increased communication and presentation skills
  • Increased self confidence
  • Improved self-insight
  • Making new friendships

As an ensemble, participants create and devise scripts from their own experiences and interests, or choose an existing script from Room to Play script library.

Our aim is to invite self-confidence combined with authenticity.

Learn about the creative process, directing, live performance and most importantly having fun.

We work towards developing skills to perform in two shows a year.

room to play

“The true purpose of arts education is not necessarily to create more professional actors or artists. It’s to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, who can lead productive lives.”

Kelly Pollock

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