The studio is open for after school classes Monday to Friday 3.00pm-5:30pm. Saturdays 9-12pm.

Children can arrive at the studio any time after school from 3pm and stay until 5.30pm.

There will be fruit, rice crackers, hummus, carrots and popcorn for afternoon tea. Kids can transition from their day and have a chat until classes start at 3.30pm. Classes finish at 5pm and kids can be picked up anytime after 5pm until 5.30pm.

Holiday Workshops

During our holiday drama workshops we act our hearts out. We have done fun and creative adaptations of famous plays by William Shakespeare as well as the kids own devised plays, drama improvisations, snippets from movies and body and voice work.

When kids excel in the arts, including in drama, they tend to do well in many other areas of their lives, including school. The world of drama teaches kids how to be creative, as well as how to problem solve and work as part of a team. These skills can be transferred to the classroom and beyond.

Mondays 3.30-5pm ages 7-9
Tuesdays 3.30–5pm ages 9-12
Wednesdays 3.30-5pm ages 7-9
Thursdays 3.30-5pm ages 9-12
Fridays 3.30–5pm ages 9-12
Saturday 9am–9.45am ages 5-6
10am-12pm ages 13-16 (acting and filmmaking using ipads)

Next Holiday Workshop

6 – 9 April, 2020

Monday – Thursday
10am to 3pm